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News & Updates of our favorite emcee in Fliptop Battle League, Protege. We do not own any of the pictures here or videos.

WE ARE NOT PROTEGE and we are not affiliated with him. We are Den, Zig, Ron, Cathy & who are big fans of PROTEGE.

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About Protege

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Johann Jon Uriarte born March 19, 1986, better known as Protege, is a Filipino hip hop emcee and producer currently residing in the Philippines. He is a member of the hip hop groups Audible MCs and Talksic Ways who have been performing and putting out music in the last several years. The former released an album in 2006 and the latter recently released an album for free on the internet just this year 2011. Officially entering the Philippine hip hop scene in 2002, Protege joined his first live freestyle rap battle that same year and has gone on to win a handful of similar events throughout the decade before entering FlipTop Battle League in 2010. Currently, Protege is working on his first solo album that is scheduled for release in late 2011.

Audible MCs: The Undivided Attention LP (2006)
Protege: Still Audible EP (2007)
Talksic Ways (Unreleased)

Rap Battle Record:
FlipTop Battle League - 4-0
2nd Sunugan Battle Royale 2010 - 1st
AMPON Verses II 2007 - 2nd
Blazing Battle 2005 - 2nd
RX 93.1 Survival of the Illest 2005 - 1st
Wave 89.1 Beatbox & Emcee Tag-team Competition 2004 - Tie for 1st
URGE Battle 2004 - Elimination
Blow Up The Spot 2002 - Elimination

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Suspect: Protege Feat Los (Out Of Body Special)


26 October 11


17 October 11


Decent KOTD World Domination 2, Eurgh vs. The Sauraus. I thought The Sauraus would win, and things basically played out as I thought they would. Eurgh had his moments and was sweet in the third, but The Sauraus stomped the first two rounds for sure:  

“When he loses this battle he’ll cry / And you’ll see Peter protesting, ‘cause I’m an animal, right?” -Eurgh 

“All you have is battles, there’s no tracks that he records / It’s just an act that he performs for no Academy Awards / World Domination 2, you’re a casualty of war / Bitch, I’ve bankrupted bigger British battle leagues than yours” -The Sauraus 

“Those cigarettes you crave, got you needing Medic Aid / It sounds like your lungs Sting with Every Breath You Take” -Eurgh

“You run that league ‘cause you properly show leadership qualities? / Yeah you can say it, it’s the fact that you believe it that bothers me / ‘Cause your league is a copy of all the people you wanna be / So you should be paying tribute to whose league you were following” -The Sauraus 

“You’re only here ‘cause they gave you a championship / American pussies fit perfectly on Canada’s dick” -Eurgh 

“Good judgment is what your ex-lacks, but now she’s emptied her system / So you’re just a Big Fat Greek, the no wedding edition” -Eurgh

“After this you’ll be a different man, suddenly my biggest fan / So let’s skip this, go upstairs and start talking about how sick I am / Two times world champ, two times Scribble Jam / Two times the age of most of those young chicks he bangs” -Eurgh

“I’ll just show up at a Don’t Flop event / And finally put a fucking end to what I started with this snowball effect” -The Sauraus 


Watch this battle, spotted judging PROTEGE.

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get to know PROTEGE.

get to know PROTEGE.

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Diaz vs Protege - KOTD - World Domination 2
Watch the battle here

One of Protege’s classic lines from his World Domination 2 Battle against Diaz.
Image created by TimeCunt (click to see tumble blog). Follow the site and see their other battle screencap edits.


Diaz vs Protege - KOTD - World Domination 2

Watch the battle here


One of Protege’s classic lines from his World Domination 2 Battle against Diaz.

Image created by TimeCunt (click to see tumble blog). Follow the site and see their other battle screencap edits.

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12 September 11
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fan photo from Protege’s facebook fanpage.

fan photo from Protege’s facebook fanpage.

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And you can’t diss my heritage li’l bitch coz’ history’s repetitive isn’t it?
And this here’s like Pacquiao against the last six spics that he stepped in the ring with!

Protege (Protege vs. Diaz KOTD World Domination 2)


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8 September 11
Protege’s interview
thank you for this submission!

Protege’s interview

thank you for this submission!

7 September 11
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"The first World Domination 2 release to feature an MC from the wildly successful Filipino battling league Flip Top pits one of their elite stars, Protege, against Canada’s own Latin battle beast, Diaz. Fresh off a run to the Grand Prix Finals with his partner poRICH, Diaz is looking to pick up where he left off asserting his dominance in King of the Dot’s solo arena. His opponent is one of the smoothest international MCs battling in their second language. Protege brings a polished performance to the table in every one of his matches, showcasing practiced flow mechanics and a strong vocabulary that has made him one of the best known spitters in the burgeoning Flip Top movement. Does he have enough to take it to Diaz on his home turf, or will the Torontonian continue his 2 vs. 2 winning ways in the individual format?"

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh